Amman, the capital of Jordan and its largest city, is the country’s administrative and commercial center. It is an ancient city rich in archaeological treasures that are worth visiting. Furthermore, the city has expanded significantly in recent times, having been awarded the Global Leadership in City Planning. We will explore together in this article the most prominent tourist landmarks in Amman.

Where is the city of Amman located?

The city is characterized by its strategic location in the central and northern parts of Jordan. It has a hot Mediterranean climate in the summer and cold winters, with the possibility of snowfall in the highlands.

Rich History:

The city’s history dates back over 7,000 years BC and has witnessed the presence of numerous civilizations, such as the Ammonites, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Umayyads. These ancient civilizations have left important urban remains, which we will discuss in this article.

Tourism in Amman:

Tourism in Amman is an exceptional experience because it combines ancient heritage, reflecting the city’s cultural and historical richness, with modern architecture that reflects its development and openness to different cultures.
Famous Tourist and Archaeological Sites in Amman:

  1. The Jordan Museum: It is distinguished by its stunning design and is rich with a large number of copper, gypsum, stone, silver, and gold statues, housing many cultural exhibitions. Within this museum, you will find a hall rich with modern innovations that express modernity and progress.
  2. The Royal Jordanian Automobile Museum: If you are a fan of cars, do not hesitate to visit this museum, which showcases cars belonging to the kings who ruled Jordan, along with a number of unique motorcycles and modern cars.
  3. The Roman Theater: A famous archaeological amphitheater in the Jordanian capital with a capacity of 6,000 people, where artistic and national events are held, and it houses a number of archaeological museums.
  4. The Temple of Hercules: It is characterized by its tall columns and contains remnants of a large stone statue of Hercules.
  5. Amman Citadel: Perched on a high hill, it has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and contains a number of artifacts, such as the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace.
  6. Rainbow Street: One of the most beautiful streets in Amman, comprising various entertainment spots such as the Rainbow Cinema, Jara Market, in addition to several restaurants, shops, and cafés.
  7. Abdali Boulevard: A distinctive entertainment complex, it is a pedestrian walkway with several hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, children’s play areas, and green spaces on both sides.
  8. Jordan Barriyah Reserve: If you are a nature lover, you will experience a unique tourism adventure at the Jordan Barriyah Reserve, enjoying beautiful natural landscapes, engaging in sports activities, camping, and healthy eating.

Cuisine in Jordan:

Jordanian cuisine is delicious and nutritious, primarily based on meat, vegetables, and olive oil, reflecting the generosity and hospitality of the people.
Famous Traditional Dishes in Amman:

  1. Mansaf: Do not leave Amman without tasting this wonderful dish, which is considered one of the most famous and oldest Jordanian dishes, primarily consisting of rice, meat, and yogurt.
  2. Musakhan: A delicious and beneficial dish prepared with great care, made from bread, olive oil, onions, and pieces of chicken.
  3. Zarb: Have you ever thought of eating food cooked underground? It is an ancient tradition in Jordan based on digging a hole in the sand and placing a metal pot filled with meat and vegetables, which cook on the charcoal heat. As a result, you get a very delicious dish called Zarb.

Shopping in Amman:

The Jordanian capital offers excellent options to satisfy all tastes, combining massive malls, upscale stores selling international brands, as well as popular markets and heritage markets selling distinctive goods such as spices, dates, dairy products, handwoven textiles, carefully crafted carpets, and handmade souvenirs that will serve as great mementos and gifts after an enjoyable trip in Amman.

Remarkable Hotels in Amman:

In Amman, you can find distinctive hotel options such as:

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Amman: Considered one of the luxurious hotels, it offers fantastic city views, excellent service, and modern facilities.
  2. Le Grand Amman: It is distinguished by its beautiful contemporary decor.
  3. The St. Regis Amman: One of the modern and luxurious hotels in the city, offering a sophisticated accommodation experience with stunning facilities.
  4. Kempinski Hotel Amman: Provides world-class services and facilities.
  5. Crowne Plaza Amman: It is characterized by its entertainment facilities and its proximity to the city’s tourist areas.
    Tourism in Amman is a comprehensive experience as it is a city that combines the charm of the East with the modernity of the West on its land.