From a small fishing village to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has become one of the most famous commercial and cultural centers in the world and an attractive destination that draws more than 4 million visitors annually.
If you are eager to learn more about tourism in Amsterdam, you will find a lot of important information in this article.

Location and Climate:

What distinguishes Amsterdam is its location in the western part of the country, in the southern part of North Holland province, with a cold oceanic climate in winter and warm in summer.

What is Amsterdam famous for?

When you visit the Dutch capital, know that you are on a date with countless types of flowers, as the city streets are adorned with flowers and contain huge shops selling flowers.
In Amsterdam, there is also the floating flower market located on the banks of the Singel canal.
In the past, traders would come by boats to sell their flowers, then set up many stalls along the canal to sell flowers, bulbs, and decoration tools for holidays and occasions.

Tourism in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world. You can witness the city’s history through its museums and ancient buildings, enjoy its stunning nature, and embark on exciting adventures in its vibrant streets.
Together, we will learn about the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam:

  1. Anne Frank’s House: where the girl Anne Frank hid with her family for two years fearing the ravages of World War II.
    Now, it is one of the most famous historical landmarks in Amsterdam, visited by people to read Anne’s diaries.
  2. Van Gogh Museum: A unique museum in Amsterdam that takes you on a tour into the art that existed in the 19th century through over one hundred paintings and 700 letters left by the artist Van Gogh to the world.
  3. The Royal Palace in Amsterdam: one of the most famous palaces in Europe, notable for its grandeur and magnificent architecture.
    Previously, it served as a town hall and is used today to receive Dutch guests on official occasions.
  4. A’DAM Lookout: a place designated for adventure lovers that allows you to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam from a very high vantage point and take commemorative pictures.
  5. Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge): an ancient and narrow bridge over the Amstel River, dedicated to pedestrians.
  6. Montelbaanstoren: an old historical tower dating back to 1516, where sailors used to gather and that was used to defend the city.
  7. Jordaan district: one of the most famous and upscale neighborhoods in Amsterdam, containing a group of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, in addition to luxury shops.
  8. Vondelpark: a beautiful park in Amsterdam, attracting millions of visitors annually from tourists and locals, featuring an open-air theater and many entertainment facilities for children.

Food in Amsterdam:

In addition to local dishes, Amsterdam’s food reflects the city’s cultural diversity, enriched with famous Dutch dishes such as haring (raw herring), bitterballen (fried and crunchy meatballs), Dutch pancakes, Dutch waffles, as well as famous Indonesian dishes like Rijsttafel, and Middle Eastern dishes.

Shopping in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam provides a unique shopping experience that combines local and global products, popular and upscale markets. We will present to you the most famous shopping centers in Amsterdam:

  1. Magna Plaza: located in a historic building consisting of three floors that houses dozens of stores specializing in clothing, shoes, and more.
  2. Utrechtsestraat: a lively street with many luxurious stores.
  3. Haarlemmerstraat: despite being small, it contains more than 230 shops offering various goods and is one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam.
  4. Kalvertoren shopping mall: a beautiful commercial mall made up of 3 floors and includes shops for the most famous global brands.

Hotels in Amsterdam:

Undoubtedly, a tourist and commercial city like Amsterdam offers a wide range of hotel options that suit all tastes, ranging from budget hotels that provide good services to luxurious ones offering distinguished services and recreational facilities. The most famous hotels in Amsterdam:

  1. Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam: a luxury hotel located near Anne Frank’s House and Van Gogh Museum.
  2. De L’Europe Amsterdam: a boutique hotel situated on the bank of the “Amstel” river in the heart of Amsterdam.
  3. Hotel V Nesplein is known for its proximity to Dam Square tram station, which ensures tourists can quickly get to different tourist landmarks in the city.

Amsterdam is an amazing city that offers you all the elements for a distinctive tourist experience.