Jakarta; the top 8 tourist attractions within Jakarta.

Jakarta; the capital of Indonesia, its largest city, and one of the most important tourist cities in Asia.
Its good climate and beautiful nature add a wonderful touch to its historical landmarks, entertainment facilities, and this is what makes it an attractive tourist destination.

Location and Climate:

Jakarta is located in Southeast Asia on the northwest coast of Java Island.
It enjoys a tropical monsoon climate ranging from moderate to hot throughout the year.

The thriving, unconquerable:

The founding of Jakarta dates back to the fourth century, and it was an important trading port for the Sunda Kingdom and was known then as Sunda Kelapa.
The name Jakarta is an abbreviation for “Jaya Karta” which means: “the thriving, unconquerable.”

Tourism in Jakarta:

In Jakarta, you will find something that attracts your attention no matter how different your interests.
You can enjoy historic buildings, monuments, public squares, modern structures, and amusement parks. We will review in this article the top 8 tourist sites within Jakarta:

  1. Jakarta History Museum: If you’re interested in history, this museum will help you get to know the history of Indonesia up close.
    The museum is located in a historic building and includes more than 23,000 artifacts such as weapons, furniture, maps, and paintings. The museum also offers several facilities such as a store, cinema, and beautiful garden.
  2. Istiqlal Mosque: One of the most important mosques in Indonesia and the eighth largest mosque in the world.
    It is distinguished by its stunning design and the Islamic decorations that adorn its ceiling and walls.
  3. Jakarta Cathedral: An important religious and historical center located near the Istiqlal Mosque, and its construction dates back to 1901. It is characterized by its stunning modern Gothic design.
  4. Old Town of Jakarta: Walking through the old alleys and enjoying the view of historic buildings brings you closer to the reality of Jakarta and more about the life and customs of its people.
    The old town includes a waterway and contains a number of stalls offering different types of local food.
  5. Thousand Islands of Indonesia: The best adventure you live in Indonesia is the boat trips that allow you to move between the Thousand Islands of Indonesia. These close-knit islands enchant visitors with their natural beauty.
  6. Monas Tower: Located in the center of Jakarta, it is considered a symbol of Indonesia’s independence and one of the most famous tourist landmarks there, standing more than 130 meters tall, surrounded by a distinctive park and a water pond that increases the beauty and attraction of the place.
  7. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah: A huge park on the outskirts of Jakarta that houses 27 structures representing the provinces of Indonesia, in addition to an amusement park, mosque, some restaurants and an artificial lake, you can move inside it using a small train, cable car, or boats.
  8. Atlantis Water Adventure Park: Located in the Angol Dreamland entertainment area, it includes huge swimming pools for children and adults, as well as a circular water canal.
    In the park, you will experience fun, enjoyment, and entertainment.

Shopping in Jakarta:

Jakarta offers you a pleasant and varied shopping experience where you can find stores of international brands and old markets and you can buy traditional Indonesian goods and products.
The most famous markets in Jakarta:

  1. Grand Indonesia Mall: A huge commercial mall that has hundreds of international stores in addition to many restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and gaming halls.
  2. The Chinese Market: A popular market in Jakarta characterized by the diversity of its merchandise and low prices.
  3. Surabaya Street: Also known as the “Antiques Market,” characterized by wooden stalls selling a wide range of goods, most famously antiques and souvenir gifts in addition to jewelry and clothing.

Best Restaurants in Jakarta:

In Jakarta, local and international restaurants abound that offer the most delicious Eastern and Western dishes and delicious cuisine such as:

  1. Harum Manis: A quintessentially Indonesian restaurant that combines modern and traditional design, serving the most delicious Indonesian dishes.
  2. Al Basha Restaurant: One of the most famous Arabic restaurants in Jakarta, offering a mix of Levantine and Gulf dishes.
  3. Plan B Restaurant: A sophisticated restaurant that offers the most delicious Spanish foods in a calm atmosphere.
  4. Turquoise Restaurant: This restaurant reflects Turkish folklore and presents the most delicious Turkish dishes and sweets.

Hotels in Jakarta:

Jakarta is a large city that provides a wide array of luxury, mid-range, and economical hotels. Here are some suggestions:
“Mandarin Oriental Jakarta” hotel, “Hotel Borobudur Jakarta”, “Mercure Jakarta Sabang”, and “Novotel Arcadia Jakarta”.

Jakarta is a wonderful city that offers you a distinctive tourist experience, do not hesitate to visit it.