Johannesburg is considered one of the most important African cities. It is the largest city in South Africa and the largest on the African continent in terms of population after Cairo and Lagos. It is known as “The Land of Gold” for its richness in precious minerals such as gold and diamonds. Despite its economic and tourism importance, it reflects African biodiversity through its gardens and reserves. Together, we’ll explore the tourist places in this enchanting city.

Location and Climate:

Johannesburg is situated on a mountain range in the northeastern part of the northern province of Gauteng, with a moderate climate in winter and hot in summer.

Reserves and Touristic Gardens in Johannesburg:

When you visit Johannesburg, you’re in for the most beautiful adventures exploring the breathtaking nature and natural beauty of the city, which will delight you with its green spaces. There are many forests, gardens, and natural reserves in Johannesburg such as:

  1. Delta Park: A tree-surrounded park connecting three dams, which you can explore on foot or by bicycle, will amaze you with its variety of plants and trees.
  2. James and Ethel Gray Park: If you prefer to watch the sunrise or enjoy the varied shapes and sounds of birds and breathe the fresh air, don’t miss visiting this naturally beautiful park.
  3. Johannesburg Zoo: If you want to explore the animal world, head to Johannesburg Zoo. It is an amazing park with a large area housing over 2000 animal species.
  4. Crocodile Park: An amusement park that houses different species of reptiles such as crocodiles, chameleons, and snakes, where you can visit and have a great time.
  5. Lion Park: If you prefer to see predatory wild animals, you will find in this large park around 80 types of lions, as well as other animals like cheetahs, tigers, and hyenas.
  6. Kruger National Park: One of the most famous natural reserves and tourist destinations in Johannesburg, it includes many kinds of birds and mammals in addition to service facilities, restaurants, and cafes.

Other Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting:

In addition to parks and green spaces, Johannesburg has distinctive tourist attractions such as:

  1. Apartheid Museum: One of the most famous sights in Johannesburg, it reflects the era in which people in Africa suffered from racism. The museum houses a collection of photographs and documents proving that suffering.
  2. Nelson Mandela Square: A famous square in Johannesburg centered by a statue of Nelson Mandela, surrounded by a large number of restaurants and cafes.
  3. Gold Reef City: A rich gold mine in Johannesburg, here you can learn about the history of gold extraction from ancient times to today.
  4. Lesedi Cultural Village: A village reflects the traditional life of African tribes, where you can learn about the old traditional furniture, food, and dress of the people in South Africa.
  5. Carlton Centre Tower: The tallest skyscraper in Africa at 223 meters high. It contains a number of offices and shops.

Food in Johannesburg:

In addition to local dishes such as “Potjiekos”, made from charcoal-cooked meat and other delicious barbecues with tasty spices like kabobs, steaks, and rostis, you can find many restaurants offering the most delicious Asian, European, and Arabic dishes.

Hotels in Johannesburg:

Johannesburg offers a selection of distinguished hotels providing high-quality services and amenities, as well as hotels offering good services at average prices. Here are examples of some of the diverse hotels in Johannesburg:

  1. Sandton Inn: A distinctive hotel offering excellent services, amenities, and airport transfer capability.
  2. Maslow Sandton Hotel: Distinguished by its modern rooms with special views, and its facilities provide suitable services.
  3. Towers Lodge Hotel: A well-equipped hotel characterized by its beautifully decorated rooms, also featuring a garden and a fish pond.

Do not miss the chance to visit this wonderful African city with its stunning natural scenery.